Ridgefield Board of REALTORS®

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Descriptions and Responsibilities



Chair: Presiding Treasurer

Committee Members: President, President-Elect, Treasurer, AE

It is the purpose of the Budget Committee to prepare the annual budget for the ensuing fiscal year and to submit same to the Board of Directors for approval or modification.

The committee shall meet in the month of October and must present its completed proposed budget to the Board of Directors no later than their November meeting.  The Association Executive will attend all meetings of the committee to assist with explanations of expenses, all items newly approved by the Board of Directors, and expenditures to date.  The committee shall be comprised of the appropriate Board members as deemed by the President.  It shall be the duty of the Chairman for this committee to proof and sign the final proposed budget.



Chair: sits on Board of Directors

Committee Members: Directors and general members, AE

It is the purpose of the Bylaws Committee to propose and review all changes to the Bylaws as requested by the Board of Directors, CTR, NAR, the Bylaw Committee, or the Association Executive.

All proposed changes will be submitted to the Board of Directors, the National Association, and the General Membership for approval.


CMLS  LIAISON (Greater Fairfield County Consolidated MLS)

Chair: sits on Board of Directors

The committee will stay informed on issues involving the Greater Fairfield County Multiple Listing Service.  Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • interact with the GFC CMLS on issues affecting the REALTOR® community
  • report pertinent issues at the Board of Directors and General Membership meetings
  • attend CMLS meetings and annual vote session



Chairs: sits on the Board of Directors

Committee Members:  Directors and general members, AE

Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • NAR Grants and Programs
  • plan fundraising for town wide events: Ridgefield Responds, Social Services in Ridgefield
  • reach out to the local communities to determine where, as agents, we can provide assistance.
  • plan Rid Litter Day in Spring, REALTOR® Reach Out/Food Drive event just before Labor Day, and Salvation Army Bell Ringing in December.



Co-Chairs: one of which must sit on the Board of Directors

Committee Members: 6-7 members not sitting on the Board of Directors

The Grievance Committee receives ethics complaints and arbitration requests to determine if, taken as true on their face, a hearing is to be warranted.  The Grievance Committee makes preliminary evaluation as is necessary to make these decisions.  The committee does not hold hearings, and it does not decide whether members have violated the Code of Ethics.  It is the purpose of the Grievance Committee to function similarly to that of the “Grand Jury” of the judicial system.  The goal is to prevent abuse and harassment through frivolous complaints.

The Grievance Committee is not to be confused with the Professional Standards Committee of the Board.  It is a separate committee with a distinct and important function.  The Grievance Committee does not hold “hearings” and does not determine if there has been a violation of the Code of Ethics.

The panel chosen examines all complaints referred to by the Association Executive to determine if the complaint has substance and merit to warrant an Ethics or Arbitration Hearing.  Should additional information be needed, a committee member will be assigned to obtain the information from the complainant and if necessary, from the individual named in the charges.  All information obtained is submitted to the Grievance Committee for further review and consideration.

The Grievance Committee does have the authority, if there is reason to believe a violation of the Code of Ethics has occurred, to investigate the matter and file a complaint on its own motion for hearing by the Hearing Panel of the Professional Standards Committee.  If directed by the Board of Directors, the Grievance Committee must investigate a suspected violation of the Code of Ethics and if investigation warrants, file a complaint to be heard.

If an Ethics Complaint is dismissed, a complainant may appeal to the Ridgefield Board of Realtors.  The Board will either direct the Grievance Committee to order a hearing or refer complaint to the Professional Standards Committee for hearing if the Directors conclude the complaint deserves a hearing.  The appeal shall be heard on the basis of information available to the Grievance Committee when it rendered its decision.

Meetings of this committee shall be held at the Board office and shall be held in total confidence.



Chair: Presiding President

Committee: Two appointed CTR Directors in addition to the President

The purpose of the Legislative Committee is to educate members to political awareness, as well as serve the local, state and national governments through analysis and suggested action on important legislation.

Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • establish contacts with Local and State Representatives along with Senators and House Representatives in our area
  • when issues arise in legislation that affect our industry contact legislators and motivate members to react to such issues either favorable or unfavorable
  • encourage member involvement in CTR’s and NAR’s political programs
  • attend three Region 1 Caucus meetings (when necessary) and bring updates to Directors and to the General Membership.
  • attend three CTR Director meetings
  • only one excused absence allowed
  • work hand in hand with the RPAC committee
  • coordinate REALTORS® at the Capitol



Chair: Presiding President

Committee: President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, AE

Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • develop the Strategic Plan
  • develop a business plan for the Board encompassing one to two years that will outline Board goals and member services
  • be informed with industry trends, both local and nationwide, and advise the Board of Directors of such trends
  • work with the Budget and Finance Committee in projecting Board expenditures relative to any such planning



Chair: sits on Board of Directors

The committee is responsible for reviewing new member applications and for handling issues of membership as they arise.


Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • works closely with the AE
  • coordinates New Member Orientation with the Programs & Education Committee and helps to greet new members at the meeting.
  • presents new members to the Board of Directors
  • announces newly approved members at the next General Membership Meeting
  • assists in annual dues collection
  • signs suspension letter if dues later than 60 days and Manager unable to resolve
  • develops new REALTOR® and Affiliate membership
  • approves resignation/termination letters along with President



Chair must be Professional Standards certified

Committee Members: PSCS qualified members from different member offices

It is the purpose of the Professional Standards Committee to enforce the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®.  The Professional Standards Committee is similar to a court.  The court adjudicates matters that come before it.  The Professional Standards Committee makes decisions on matters involving ethics or arbitration.

The Chairperson will establish hearing dates and select a panel composed of committee members for each hearing.  At least one member of the hearing panel shall be a Connecticut Association of REALTORS® (CTR) Professional Standards Certified Specialist (PSCS) member.  The Association Executive shall electronically record the hearing and present the findings of the panel to the Board of Directors, in accordance with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Ethics and Arbitration manual.

The members of the committee shall be mature, experienced, knowledgeable persons of a judicial temperament.  They shall be aware of the concepts of due process and faithful to those concepts in all matters with which they deal.  Dependent upon the complaint or request received, a Hearing Panel is appointed and hears the matters and makes findings of fact and renders a decision, recommending appropriate penalty if violation of the Code of Ethics is determined.  The penalty or sanction recommended becomes effective only upon final acceptance and confirmation by the Board of Directors which orders the implementation of the sanction.

During the Hearing, the Chairman and all members shall maintain a calm, objective, and judicial atmosphere.  It should be remembered that such a hearing is not a “court” per se.  The Hearing Panel is comprised of duly appointed REALTOR® peers who are seeking only to determine ascertainable and pertinent facts and to render the best possible peer judgment concerning any matter before it.  The Code of Ethics is enforced and made meaningful to Board members and the public at large through this method.

Meetings of this committee shall be held at the Board office and shall be held in total confidence.



Co-Chairs: one of which must sit on the Board of Directors

Committee Members:  members from the general membership, AE

It is the purpose of the Education & Programs Committee to educate the membership and the general public on the responsibilities of and benefits for REALTORS®.

Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • encourage participation in all State and National designation programs
  • work with AE and Membership Committee to coordinate New Member Orientation classes, in compliance with the by-laws of the Ridgefield Board of REALTORS®, 3 times per year.
  • work with AE to plan educational seminars
  • work with AE to plan quarterly General Membership meetings, coordinating speakers, venue and refreshments for the meetings as scheduled by the Board of Directors
  • work with AE to plan topics and schedule for continuing education



Co-Chairs: one of which sits on the Board of Directors

Committee Members: members from the general membership, AE

This committee is responsible for promoting a positive Realtor image in and around surrounding communities.  The fostering of communication and cooperation with Board members, membership, as well as the public is a vital role for this committee.

Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • arrange press releases with photos of Board activities
  • promote the public portion of the Ridgefield Board’s website
  • provide information to the AE to post on the website
  • conduct annual review of modes of communication utilized by the office staff in order to maintain effectiveness and efficiency: website hosting, email and newsletter platforms
  • perform reviews of all aspects of the Board’s website, including but not limited to, site design changes, web hosting, daily maintenance and updating of information and links (major changes to be reviewed by the President)



Co-Chairs: one of which must sit on the Board of Directors

Committee members: AE, members from the general membership

RPAC Committee will fundraise for RPAC and coordinate efforts with the legislative committee for REALTORS® Day at the Capitol.

The following is a guideline for RPAC contribution collection:

  • establish direct contact with RPAC representative at CTR in January and get annual goals for dollars and members.
  • select Directors to represent and act as liaison for each REALTOR® office in town.
  • remind Directors they are expected to donate $99.00 each.
  • visit each office during the campaign drive in addition to working with each office’s representative to solicit contributions.
  • monitor contributions throughout the year by getting updates from CTR’S RPAC representative and provide updates on progress at Board and General Membership meetings.
  • organize any special fundraising events (allowed by the State of CT) through the year.
  • chair attends REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in May in Washington DC





Chairs: must sit on the Board of Directors

Committee Members:  members from the general membership, AE

Committee responsibilities are as follows:

  • plan networking events for Membership
  • plan the Affiliate Event  to be held in September
  • plan the Holiday Party; decide on venue and coordinate details, including Installation speaker